1333 Italian Cat Project

Reduced to sell ~ €6,500

Beautifull build to complete, at less than material cost!

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    The original sketch was a 7.5m cat ( by the same designer as ref 1332 ), but it is now totally changed in regards to bulkheads, stern and total lenght. So it is no more THAT design but the result of a study I made with some friends ( architect and engineer ) on Woods an Wharram catamarans.
    At the moment the catamaran is changeable and it is possible to choose between two riggings : Tiki 30's or Woods Gipsy's, just by moving beam placement, since central pod is to be built.
    Both deckhouses are to be completed ( upper side ), same for central pod and stern ( according to my design it should be made longer ).
    During these years, the hulls have been kept always inside and continuously checked humidity and temperature. They are covered/ clothed with different thickness fabric+ epoxy, both outside and inside, with biaxial on each and every junction.
    Extra materials are, several pieces of plywood in different thickness, and some fabrics not sufficient though to finish the building
    As you can see by attached pictures, all the plywood used was original RINA.
    I am asking less than the material cost so far. Our labour was free!
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