Tiki 30 (Canaries) ref 1266

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  • General +

    Tiki 30 launched 1988.
    UK built, one owner
  • Owner description +

    Materials were top quality throughout, West Epoxy and Okume plywood, fastenings etc from Robbins Timber.
    The build quality is 'cheerful' rather than perfectionist, but -all- structurally relevant snags have been ironed out thoroughly, usually with professional help from Richard McIlroy and others.
    The boat is built to plans, with Wharram-approved modifications & plan choices as follows:
    Port hull has midships bulkhead opening to communicate between double bunk and the long forward single bunk (foc'sle); a solid bulkhead aft between galley and self-draining locker.
    Starboard hull has solid midships bulkhead between double bunk and forward storage for sails and ropes (forepeak), which also serves as emergency sheltered accommodation, eg after a party.
    Mast extended by 1ft to clear Bimini (as per Wharram-built Lake Kariba Tiki 30s)
    Sailing/port/anchorage triangular bimini that clears the working rig when pulled flat for shelter from sun/rain.
    Outboard location moved forward, between two deck boxes in cockpit. This allows for heavy stores to be easily accessible and stored aft of the mast - anchors etc.
    There is still space for a standard double air-bed in the open cockpit, sheltered by the bimini. This is a favourite!
    Drop flaps over trampoline seats at hatches, per Kariba Tiki 30s.
    These protect the trampoline seats from the heavy foot traffic when the hatches are open, and provide for a hatch padlock as well as a 'ventilation' position with the relevant hatch partially open.
    Standard JWD lashings used for main beams (per Tiki 31 drawings provided free by JWD)
    Epoxy-glass sheathing over all, not just the lower hull.
    Exterior polycarbonate glazing per design conceals a row of small portholes that restrict incoming heat from sun - the angle of the topsides tends to introduce heat to the cabin even in the UK.
    This glazing is crazed after 13 years of sub-tropical sun, but still sound.
  • Sails +

    Standard rig per plans, main and genoa by Jeckells in 'Hydranet' aramid scrim, warranted by Jeckells "to withstand any Storm", and by golly it did.
    These sails are magnificent.
    Humungous second-hand Spinnaker that pulls like a tractor downwind, can be deployed off the two bows for dead downwind with no hassle, or set asymmetrically on the prod for a broad reach
    Cruising 'chute by Jeckells for a closer reach.
    Homebrew DiY polytarp "Luggaker" is best for closer reaching in light air, but it blew out in a gust!
    Easy to make from a big tarp, spar and sheets provided. Jeckells will make you one in proper material for around £800 last time I asked.
    Needs to be cut -very- flat indeed, since Pilgrim will attempt to exceed wind speed in most conditions. Pilgrim is seriously fast.
  • Engine +

    Yamaha FT8 Hi-thrust
    Installed professionally
    Very low hours
  • Ground tackle +

    Two Delta anchors, one the recommended size for Pilgrim, the other much larger.
    Both with chain leader, anchor rode.
    Plenty of nylon rode to extend if necessary.
    Grapnel for dinghy.
  • Electrical +

    Two main batteries, one in each hull
    two switch panels, ditto
    Separate engine battery adjacent to engine
    Shore power unit ditto
    Interior lighting from shore power
  • Dinghy +

    Mailspeed Marine high-pressure floor inflatable dinghy with bracket for outboard.
    Rows pretty well for an inflatable.
  • Misc +

    Rope, blocks, fittings, stainless fastenings, tools, etc
  • Other mods +

    Reinforced cockpit tray (boxed-in the standard T-section stiffener). No more flex with big crew.
    Tillerpilot installation is -inside- Starboard hull per advice from Scott Brown - no failures or problems in 14 years!
    18ft steerable prod suitable for Spinnaker (Supplied) or light-air Luggaker (DiY from polytarp).
    Droppable aft netting for single handed Man Overboard recovery, protects crew in water from prop.
    Winches moved to cabin sides to improve lead to Foresail sheet runners, keep seating clear.
    'Airblocks' on 2:1 sheets for Genoa
    Storage in galley with upper shelf/netting retainer, cutlery box, sliding coolbox below waterline, copious hooks for mugs, corkscrews, tin openers etc.
    Hull adjacent to double bunks lined with cork and carpet, greatly improving thermal insulation and making for a much more comfortable bunk for two adults.
    Shelving along outer sides of both double bunks, with netting hammocks for clothes storage, hooks below to hang oddds and ends.
    Shelf at forward end of double bunks for books, alarm clock, glass of water, etc.
    Circular dinghy hatches at forward end of double bunks for ventilation, daylight.
  • Owners comments +

    Pilgrim has not been used in anger for a few years due to poor health.
    Condition will reflect this, and I would recommend a full check of all renewables before venturing deep water. But then, we would always do that!
    With a clean pair of hulls (haul out and pressure-wash the marvellous copper-epoxy antifouling, and it just falls off) and a sharp tillerman at the helm, Pilgrim will out-perform any other cruising boat we have ever met, and usually spanks local racers like the X-boats, J30s and J80s.
    It takes time and effort to find the groove.
    It took me some time at the helm to recover my edge after a layoff, but once that is done, this boat rewards precise handling with the sort of performance that 60ft monohulls can only dream of and even trounces many of the bigger catamarans.
    Benchmark seaworthiness and performance way beyond our expectations.
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