1291 Pahi 31 project

Asking £3,000

Located in Panama (German owner).

Email Scott Brown

  • General +

    A Wharram Pahi 31, built 1991 and several times refitted but having come ashore in a storm it now needs rebuilding.
    A great place to live while you do it, and for starting that Pacific exploration...
  • Hulls/Deck etc +

    The boat has a deck cabi (pod) which is lashed to the hulls.
    All hulls are built with marine plywood and sandwiched with epoxy
  • Sails +

    This Pahi is "Tiki" rigged
    One soft-wing gaff sail.
    One genoa
    Two storm sails
    One ra-sail
  • Engine +

    Outboard ~ 15 hp Mariner
    Got compleatly renewed and a new block
  • Safety Gear +

    High quality lifejacket
  • Rig & Rigging +

    All stainless rigging
    Attached at masttop with t-fittings
    High quality grade A aluminium mast
    Excelent condition
  • Galley/plumbing etc +

    Simple galley with one through the hull fitting
  • Ground tackle +

    Brand new anchor CQR 60 lbs plus new chain of 30 meters
    Brand new manual anchor winch
  • Misc +

    A lot of ropes some also brand new and 4 winches with travelers
  • From the owner +

    Bamboo was hit by a storm & came ashore on a beach.
    Because of the crash all beams got broken and need to be replaced.
    The hulls by themselves got mainly damaged on top of the deck.
    The parts under water are in good condition.
    The last renewal of the entire boat was in the year 2010,11,12.
    Right now there is alot to do, but still worth while.
    The boat with the name bamboo is located in Panama and registered in Germany.
    can guide you thrue the process and give alot of advises for the hole repair, because panama is my home!
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