1358 Tiki 38 in Spain


Beautiful Gleda. Perhaps the most documented build?

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  • General +

    Constructed in the UK by the owner Neil Hawkesford
    The story of Wharram Tiki 38 ‘Gleda’ begins with probably the most documented build ever.
    More than 1000 blogposts on www.thegledaproject.com
    Five thousand hours of blood, sweat and tears in gory detail.
    This boat has no secrets. It’s all there for the world to see.
  • History so far +

    In 2014 ‘Gleda’ became a full-time home for Neil and his partner Gail. They have since sailed her some 2,500 nautical miles in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. From Falmouth UK to The Channel Islands and France. Across the Bay of Biscay to Spain. The Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal. The Portuguese Algarve and Andalusian Spain. Gibraltar and up the Costas to Valencia.
    There’s a series of sailing videos on my website Sailing ‘Gleda’ - The Gleda Project ‘Gleda’ has done her job perfectly from day one. She is safe, seaworthy and comfortable. She has been maintained to a high standard and improved gradually as finances allowed.
    ‘Gleda’ was hauled out for maintenance and new anti-foul paint in late March 2018. The rudder lashings were replaced at that time.
    Currently in Cartagena, Spain, she is ready to sail away.
  • Specification +

    James Wharram Designs Tiki 38 Polynesian Catamaran No 107
    Built closely to the JWD plans. Priorities: Strength - Safety - Simplicity
    (Full set of original James Wharram Designs Building Plans are part of the inventory)
  • Modifications +

    Main modification is the deckpod. It occupies the same footprint as the one in the plans, but has been turned 180° with an added bulkhead to protect the watch berth. A 12mm plywood roof has been added, supported on substantial 316 stainless steel posts. It is strong enough to walk on, one of the solar panels is mounted there and drains are fitted in the corners to allow rainwater collection. Removable canvas and clear PVC enclosures allow the pod space to be completely weatherproofed when sailing or at anchor. It’s a comfortable place to steer, keep watch, eat and relax.

    Hanneke and James have been aboard ‘Gleda’ and approved of these modifications.

    Another modification is the addition of an ‘L’-shaped solid deck section aft of the deckpod which runs back to the stern tube. This allows easy access to the wind vane self-steering and safe access ashore via the passerelle when moored stern to.

    Lastly, and importantly, the forward mast case has been strengthened.
    In 2013 JWD became aware of a couple of failures in Tiki 38 mast cases and, as a consequence, made some modifications to the build plans. The mast case on ’Gleda’ was therefore beefed up with longitudinal hardwood stringers 80mm x 25mm, down both sides. This year, as an added precaution, I have added additional timber immediately beneath the mast foot and constructed a steel reinforced ‘clamp’ around the case in the same area. These improvements along with correct shroud tension means that there is no danger of such problems with ‘Gleda’.
  • Initial Deck & Pod Video +

  • Mast Case Update Video +

  • Construction Materials +

    9mm Marine (BS1088) Far Eastern Plywood
    Bulkheads and Deckpod
    12mm Marine (BS1088) Far Eastern Plywood
    Backbones, Rudders & Crossbeams Webs
    8mm Marine (BS1088) Far Eastern Plywood
    Note: All plywood batches were ‘boil tested’ before use to ensure quality
    Sandwich Decks
    4mm plywood/ 20mm polystyrene/4mm plywood
    Hull & Deck Stringers, Crossbeams, Cabin Furniture
    Clear Grade Douglas Fir
    Tillers and Gaffs
    Hullside Rubbing and Lashing Strakes (Full Length)
    Hatch Coamings
    Slatted Decks
    Western Red Cedar
    Epoxy System
    Sicomin SR5550 Resin + SD 5505/5503 Hardener
    Mixfill 100 Epoxy Filler
    Glasscell 100
    Treecell Cotton Fibre

    All timber & plywood used in construction was epoxy coated. All joints epoxy glued and filleted. Structural joints are reinforced with 600g glass bi-ax tape Hulls and deckpod sheathed with epoxy saturated 200g Glassfibre cloth then epoxy filled.
    Hull Paint
    Penguard HD Undercoat/Primer + Jotun Pioner Topcoat
    Antifoul - Jotun SeaQueen
    Masts & Stern Tube
    Marine Grade 6061 T6, 140mm OD, 4mm wall thickness aluminium
    Both masts are single length (un-sleeved)
    Mast caps are CNC cut aluminium, gusseted and welded.
    Mast bases - Solid Oak
    Standing Rigging
    All 6mm stainless with swaged ends (forestay bridle is 7mm)
    Shrouds and forestay are tensioned with 6mm plaited pre-stretched polyester lanyards.
    Running Rigging
    8mm & 10mm plaited pre-stretched polyester rope
    All blocks and fittings are Barton
    There are spare halyards on both masts
    Sheet winch - Lewmar 43 two speed
  • Sails +

    By Rolly Tasker
    All except storm jib are offshore quality in Tanbark 7oz Crosscut Dacron
    Gaff Foresail - 20.70sq m (222 sq ft) 3 reefs + Sunbrella Sail Cover
    Gaff Mainsail - 20.88sq m (224 sq ft) 3 reefs + Sunbrella Sail Cover
    Working Jib - 13.04sq m (140 sq ft) with brass piston hanks
    Staysail - 7.80sqm (84 sq ft) with piston hanks
    Storm Jib (9oz Orange Crosscut Dacron) 2.60sqm (28 sq ft) with piston hanks
  • Ground tackle +

    Main Anchor - 20Kg (44lb) Manson Supreme
    Mounted on large stainless steel bow fitting with roller
    30m (99ft) of 8mm (5/16th) galvanised chain
    2 x 30m (99ft) 18mm (3/4”) anchorplait nylon rodes with spliced eyes
    Anchor Windlass
    Simpson Lawrence Hypaspeed Manual (Chain and Rope Gypsies)
    Spare Anchor - 15kg (33lb) Bruce Type
    Mounted on forward beam for ready use
    Stern Anchor - 20kg (44lb) Fortress
    Mounted on aft port deck with 20m (65ft) of 12mm (1/2”) leaded nylon warp attached for ready use
    Storm drogue/sea anchor
    2m (6ft) diameter heavy duty PVC with large galvanised swivel & shackle
    Stored in ready bag on stern platform with 100m (328ft) 12mm (1/2”) leaded nylon warp attached
    A further 80m (262ft) of 12mm leaded nylon warp is stored in PVC screw top drum on aft net
    Miscellaneous additional lengths of chain and rope
  • Mooring +

    30mm Nylon Bow Bridle
    Spliced Eyes to Stainless Steel U Bolts fitted through forward beam VERY STRONG - Suitable for storm drogue/sea anchor
    Fitted with Stainless Steel Chain Hook and Bow Shackle
    Six large, solid oak cleats bolted and epoxied to ends of main crossbeams - VERY STRONG
    Four large & Four small
    30mm Nylon Stern Bridle
    Spliced eyes fitted around stern tube and stern posts. Suitable for storm drogue/sea anchor
    Mooring Warps
    Large number of assorted
  • Engines +

    2 x Tohatsu MFS9.8A3 HP four-stroke extra Long Shaft Outboards
    Remote Controls, Electric Start, Alternators & Run Indicator Lamps (Purchased 2012, put into service 2014) - approx 200hrs of running each
    1 x Mariner 3.5HP Outboard (2013) - Low hours and recently serviced
    Fuel - 2 x 12 lit (3 Gal) Main tanks + 4 x 10 lit (2.6 Gal) containers stored in engine boxes.
    An additional 30 lit (8 Gal) can be stored in containers elsewhere
    At a consumption rate of 1.2l it per hour this gives a theoretical single engine running time of 78 hours
  • Batteries & Charging +

    1 x 250Ah Solar Tab Motion Pasted Cell Battery (New Nov 2017)
    2 x 110Ah Numax CXV Sealed Lead/Acid Leisure Batteries connected in parallel (220Ah)
    1 x 85Ah Varta Lead/Acid
    Main batteries are charged by 2 x Luxor Ecoline 100W Solar Panels (High Quality German Make) running on independent controllers.
    One of these is a Rutland HRDi Charge Regulator which will additionally take input from a wind generator
    85Ah Varta is trickle charged by a Flexcell Sunslick 7W flexible panel through a independent charge controller with a dusk-dawn sensor.
    An LED anchor light can be connected via a waterproof deck plug for completely automatic operation.
    Erayak 500W Power Invertor (12v - 240V)
  • Electronics & Lighting +

    NASA Target Navtex PRO-Plus Receiver
    Digital Yacht AIS100USB AIS Receiver
    Lawrence X-4 Fish-Finding Sonar - (The transducer for this is mounted on a pole that can be fitted through the centre deck hatch.
    Cobra MR F55 EU Fixed VHF Transceiver (Waterproof) ( Linked to GPS for DSC Distress functionality)
    VHF Antenna - Alpha One (U.S. Made)
    Garmin GPS 158 Fixed GPS Receiver with remote mounted GPS antenna
    Standard Horizon HX300E Handheld Floating VHF Transceiver
    Radio Controlled Digital Weather Station - Includes barometric pressure recording
    Navigation Lights
    Mainmast All-Round White - NASA Supernova LED
    Foremast Tri-Colour - NASA Supernova LED
    LED Port & Starboard mounted on deckpod sides
    LED Sternlight on aft wind generator support
    All interior lighting is LED
  • Freshwater System +

    Watertanks - 2 x Vetus Green PVC 61Lit (16 Gal) with Deck Fillers, Vents & Large Access hatches for easy cleaning
    Port tank is fitted beneath saloon seating and feeds galley sink via a Whale manual V pump
    Starboard tank is fitted beneath main double berth and feeds heads compartment sink via a Whale manual V pump
    8 x Deck Stowed NATO standard PVC water containers - 6 x 20lit (5.2 Gal) + 2 x 30 lit (8 Gal) with canvas covers
    There is a second Whale manual V pump at the galley sink for saltwater (This is connected to the only below water line hull fitting)
  • Safety Features & Equipment +

    It is worth noting that ‘Gleda’ has some additional safety features not normally found on conventional sailboats.
    The entire bow section of each hull forward of No1 beam is watertight. There are two separate compartments in each accessible through watertight hatches.
    The bows on ‘Gleda’ are reinforced with 150mm (6”) deep solid oak fillets epoxied and glassed in place for collision resistance.
    There are similar watertight compartments in the sterns and a large one under the port aft gas locker compartment.
    Through Hull Fittings
    There is only one below the waterline - the galley sink salt water inlet
    The other two are for the heads and galley sink drains and are set a few inches above the waterline.
    All three are protected with DZR Brass seacocks

    ‘Gleda’ is a dry boat. There’s still some building dust in the bilges!
    Heavy duty jackstay mounting points either side of the foredeck mast case. Ratchet straps are fitted here for safety lines when working in this area in rough weather.
    Seago GX 4-Person Offshore Liferaft in Fibreglass Cannister (Due 1st Service)
    Man Overboard Dan Buoy ( In quick launch holder on rear platform)
    Man Overboard Life-ring and Throwing Line (In dedicated mounting on cabin top)
    ACR Firefly Pro Emergency Strobe Light

    4 x Adult Offshore Lifelackets ( 2 x Manual Gas Inflation, 2 x Automatic with built in safety harnesses - New 2018)
  • Navigation Equipment +

    Panasonic Toughbook (From London Chartplotters) with Open CPN global charts (Connects to remote GPS antenna and also displays AIS information)
    Iris 50 Handbearing Compass
    Large number of Charts & Pilots covering UK, Atlantic France, Spain & Portugal + Western Mediterranean
    CPT Electronic Autopilot - Brand new item fitted over the winter of 2017/2018. Amazing piece of kit perfectly matched to the Tiki 38. Cost over $2500.
    Hebridean Servo-Pendulum Wind Vane Steering - Built by the owner, steered the boat constantly for 4 days crossing the Bay of Biscay
  • Domestic Equipment +

    Nelson Spinflow Propane/Butane oker - 2 Burners, Grill & Oven
    (3 x Camping Gas 2.75 Kg cylinders, 1 x 3.9kg Calor Gas (UK) cylinder)
    Waeco CoolFreeze CFX 65Lit Fridge (12/220v)
    AirHead Marine Composting Toilet
    Igloo 100 95lit chest Coolbox (Mounted on centre deck and used for additional food/ drink stowage)
    Magma Gas BBQ
  • Misc +

    2 x 12v Electric Cabin Fans
    Lightweight Deck Sunshade
    Heavyweight Deck Sunshade/Awning with sides
    Heavyweight Side Awnings (cover main companionways)
    Skywatch Explorer Handheld Anemometer
    PeakMeter MS6252A Digital Handheld Anemometer
    Avon 3.1m (10ft) Inflatable Tender ( Two seats, aluminium floor, beaching wheels, underseat stowage bag, oars + two pumps)
    Aluminium and Plywood Passarelle ( Stows on pod roof)
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