• General Description (updated) +

    From the owner:
    High quality built to plan.
    Built for long term sailing.
    Built over 5 years. First sailed in 1987
    It has everything you need, you can bring your personals and cast off.
    For holiday in the med, for longer sails, or for live aboard.
    It is all there. No surprises, no hidden lack in maintenance.
    It can be in the water on 3 days notice.
    We have been traveling 2-3 month’s every summer.
    We like to keep things as simple as possible, and we like quality and trouble-free sailing and motoring.
  • Hulls & decks etc +

    Built to plan,
    In excellent condition.
    Beams and slatted deck in teak. Oiled.
  • On Deck +

    We like it comfortable, so we have on deck:
    4 Helinox chairs
    a 2x2 meter custom made sun bed, soft enough to comfortably sleep on it, firm enough to walk on.
    Two large hammocks under the trampoline forward, where there is shadow and normally a fine airstream between the hulls.
    And one hammock under the boom.
    We spend most of the time on deck. So there is a very large Greek style olivenetting sun shade, this give shadow, but let’s hot air out.
    Also there is a 3x3 meter sunsail with UV block, and a smaller one that covers only the cockpit, this hangs under the boom, and do not interfere with the mainsail.
    There is also a Bimini.
    We also have 6 very comfortable marine beanbags, used for sitting, sleeping or reading.
    There is two RED supbords resting on each side of the cabin tops.
    On the starboard side in front of the cabin top, the large dinghy sits on the large flat deck, with a 2,3 Honda engine.
    On the port trampoline we keep the two person inflatable BIC kayak, together with 4 Solarshower, each 10l.
    On the starbord live 6 large baloon fenders.
    There are buckets, brushes. There are masks, fins and snorkels. Beach umbrella.
  • Rig & Rigging +

    Stainless steel
  • Sails +

    Two fore sails
    N.B. two sets
    one set in white
    one set in brown.
  • Engines +

    Two Honda 10HP (2005) four stroke, low hours. \,br\. Two 10l tanks, and two 20l cans, one 5l can.
    With fitted covers (2019)
  • Electrical +

    two House batteries
    one start battery with solarpanel (2018)
    one nav battery with separete solarpanel (2019)
  • Navigation +

    The navigation is in the starbord hull.
    There is a stationary VHF, two portable VHF one with gps and sos distress, emergency antenna, Garmin chart plotter with full maps.
    Paper chart for this part of Greece.
    And Rod Heikels latest pilot book for Greece.
    Also all you need for traditional navigating, rulers, sextant etc Manuel’s for everything.
    Ship’s papers and rubber stamp.
    Sumlog and depth sounder.
    Large Plath compass in cockpit.
    Small compass by the navtable.
    The chart plotter has its own solarpanel and battery.
  • Ground tackle etc (updated) +

    20kg main anchor with 20meter chain and 20 meter rope.
    Aft anchor 16kg with 10 meter chain and 40 meter rope with brindle.
    16 kg spare anchor.
    Brindle for front anchor with inox kedge lock and shock absorbers.
    Plenty of dockinglines, landlines, large inox carbiners and rope for moring with Hook A Moore.
    We mostly use the aft anchor and moor med style with a line ashore. There is a purposemade thin 30 meter line for this, strong!
  • Safety Gear (updated) +

    4 automatic life vests vith harness.
    Two life vests.
    four harnesses.
    deck line for harness.
    horseshoe life ring with towline and automatic light.
    Baltic MOB bag on aft beam.
    Large ParaMed Size/style firstaid case, new.
  • galley (updated) +

    It has absolutely everything you need to cook for, and serve eight persons.
    The two burner stove runs on alcohol.
    On deck there is a gas jetboil for tea an coffee.
    And a two burner gas stove. No gas under deck.
    We take coffee seriously, so there is a grinder, pour over and a HandPresso.
    There is also a Inox coal grill for grilling fish on deck.
    There is a sink with footpump. 30l water under one of the bunks, 30l on deck, and another 60l in cans under the bunk.
    Under the floorboards, in the bilges, there is space for 24 bottles of wine and about 60 1,5l water bottles, and plenty room for food.
    Cool box in deck locker.
  • For comfort, for sleeping +

    There is all you need, pillows, duvets, sheets, thin and medium blankets, handmade thick Norwegian wool blankets.
    Normal towels and microfiber towels.
    The matresses are thick and comfortable.
    There are four hull windows at each bed.
    Storage shelves, ventilation and reading light.
    Two of the beds have electric fans.
  • Heads +

    Lavac vacuum toilet with holding tank.
    This is aft starboard, with separate entrance thru the aft deck.
  • Dinghy +

    Large for 4 persons with Honda 2,3
  • Fenders +

    Plenty, balloons and flatfenders
  • Misc +

    2 new sunsail, one large olive sun sail.
  • Mooring +

    A new owner can take over our space in a famely run yard.
    The cost is € 180.- per month.
    This includes one launch and one up per year.
    Water and elecrtrics at no extra cost. Free parking.
    One can work on the boat, or get anything done.
    ie antifouling, service, cleaning… >
    You can fly to Athens and Thessaloniki, from where there are conecting Express buses.
    Or fly to Skiathos and ferry to Volos.
    There is also a Ryan air to Volos in high season.
  • The story +

    Email Scott for the story of this Narai, written by the current owner.
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