1403 Pahi 31 in Med

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German flagged.

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  • General +

    Commissioned: April 1988. Certification: International Yacht Certificate German Sailing Association (DSV), Hamburg.
  • Construction +

    Self-built according to original plans. Building licence no. 126 (The copies of the construction plans can be taken over). Building material: Boatbuilding plywood mahogany homologation R.I.N.A. (according to Germ. Loyd)fully glued with Aerodux 185 Ciba Geigy. Outer coating: Polyester glass fibre 3-ply, in the keel area 6-ply. Finish: Epoxy varnish; sealing polyurethane 1 component. Final varnish Interior: Natural wood PU varnish clear matt. Wet cell and stowage compartments: 2 comp. Pu, coloured
  • Rigging +

    Aluminium mast and boom, Fa. Licospars, Gargano/Lago di Garda Standing rigging and all fittings V2A Inox.
  • Sails +

    Mainsail with 2 reefs Jib Yankee genoa from Jeckell Sails Wroxham GB Storm sail Genack.
  • Winches +

    2 pieces Barbarossa I, various blocks and clamps Inox.
  • Engine etc +

    Torqueedo electric motor (Cruise 4.0 RL with cable remote control) 6 high-performance batteries.
  • Electrical +

    Complete with lighting inside and outside + 12 V battery.
  • Ground Tackle +

    New equipment with corresponding chain leader and lines. Various mooring lines and fenders.
  • Dinghy +

    Dinghy with 2.4 hp outboard motor.
  • Owner Comment +

    The boat has been underway in the Adriatic and the Aegean since it was commissioned.
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